Goodness Gang Go



Biedronka are the market-leading grocery retailer in Poland with a dominant market-share. As market-leaders they pride themselves on pushing the boundaries with innovation and they understand the importance of engaging their audience on mobile.
This campaign was devised in partnership with shopper marketing agency TCC and the focus was on bringing to life a loyalty
campaign around fresh fruit and vegetables. A custom app was developed which people could use to scan the album, leaflets, and
in-store POS.

AR Objectives:

  • Give personalities to “Gang Świeżaków” (the characters that the loyalty campaign was built around;
  • add value to the collectable album;
  • drive people in-store;
  • drive social shares;
  • engage people throughout the nine weeks of the campaign;
  • bolster Biedronka’s fresh fruit and vegetable credentials


The narrative of the app was all around collecting the different Gang Świeżaków characters. Once the app was downloaded the user met the first character, Strawberry, and created and named their own avatar. Strawberry then takes the avatar to the garden and explains there are nine other characters to unlock by scanning codes.
Each character comes with a mini-game which users can play to earn points. These points can be redeemed in the “store” to unlock
objects to decorate the virtual garden. Users can pose for photos with the characters and share these on social media.


In total there were over 2.5m scans across the 9 zapcodes from 400k app downloads. 80k objects were unlocked in the store.

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